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For quality assurance, the last day for shipment of FRESH CHESTNUTS will be 12-15-2014, or earlier, if we sell out before that date.
We will be going on a family, holiday vacation the next day, and any orders placed for DRlED PRODUCTS after 12-15-2014 will not be processed for shipping until our return on 12-30-2014.
Thanks for yow· business and we hope you have some great holidays. Lee and Lynda
Lee and Lynda Wiliams

Our small chestnut grove is located in the heart of the Great Columbia River Basin where almost anything grows with our fresh and abundant water supply. We are in the desert area of central Washington, which was reclaimed for agriculture by the construction of the Grand Coulee Dam and establishment of a massive irrigation network in the 1950’s to irrigate nearly 500,000 acres.

Our fresh nuts are hand picked, sorted, and graded daily during harvest season to assure a quality product. Our dried nut products are air dried to allow natural starch conversion to carbohydrates for sweetness. We pride ourselves in producing a quality product at a fair price.

Our remote location and isolation from any other nut production allows us to produce our chestnuts without the use of insectides.

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